Bodywork in Boulder

Looking for a massage or an adjustment after a long hike? A wellness consultation? Here are some of the resources that our town has to offer.

Om Maitri Ayurveda

Om Maitri Ayurveda is a holistic health practice which serves the Boulder Community and beyond both virtually and in person.  We offer one on one consultation with completely individualized holistic health plans, Ayurvedic Spa Services & Vata Rejuvenation Retreats, Local and Virtual Workshops/Education, Postpartum Care, Herbal Support and more. The world’s oldest recorded approach to health, dating 5000 + years, Ayurveda means “knowledge of life”. Ayurveda focuses on the whole individual, seeing each person as the unique individual that they are and based on their elemental make-up. Ayurveda complements the Western symptoms-based approach by treating illness from its root cause. What’s more, it provides healthy guidelines for the prevention of pain, disease and mental instability. OMA specializes in Vata Rejuvenation Techniques which provide the body with nourishment and love. ONLINE BOOKING NOT AVAILABLE IN GARFIELD COUNTY. PLEASE CONTACT DIRECTLY TO BOOK SERVICES. 
Contact: Britney Peterson / 435-705-8554 / britney@ommaitri.com

Offerings by Shelley Mehr & Billy Raaen

Bodywork Services: Shelley Mehr, Licensed Massage Therapist; modalities include but not limited to deep tissue, structural integration, trigger point, Thai yoga, custom sessions. Massage is available in an outdoor setting from June to September. Or outcall options available (I can come to your location with my massage set up)

Wim Hof Method and Wilderness Connection Gatherings: The Wim Hof Method (WHM) is a science based amazing method involving the power of your breath, beautiful mind and the humbling cold waters. The workshop and training will take you into your internal depths of health, happiness, and strength. By embracing mind, body, and breath you will journey into your body’s autonomic nervous and immune systems, while strengthening respiratory and cardiovascular health. Learning to be in harmony with nature’s varied conditions. Get out of your comfort zone in the name of growth, gaining practical skills, ideas and rituals that have the ability to alter the way you view and experience your inner and outer landscape.

Contact: Shelley Mehr / 801-859-9641 / shelleymehr@gmail.com

Wandering Bear Wellness

Wandering Bear Wellness is dedicated to helping people regain and maintain control of their health. We focus on getting you help without the use of drugs or surgery. We specialize in the Rolf method of Structural Integration and Holistic Health

Contact: 907-231-9807 / wanderingbearwellness@gmail.com

Boulder Mountain Spine and Sport

Dr. Garret Andersen is recognized as a leader in chiropractic sports medicine and rehabilitation. He has a history of treating professional and recreational athletes and is dedicated to offering the most innovative techniques and therapies to stay on the cutting edge of sports medicine and rehabilitation. Located just behind Hills & Hollows.

Contact: 435-690-0006 / bouldermountainspineandsport@gmail.com

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