Restaurant Liquor Orders

We are more than happy to place orders for local restaurants. We get liquor store deliveries every other Tuesday. Orders are due by Thursday evening the week before a delivery. Please check the calendar below for the correct order and delivery days. To place an order, start by viewing the Find a Product page on the DABS website. Either fill out this editable PDF and send it to us, or send us your order in the body of an email, including the SKU, product name, and number of bottles.

Directions & Tips

Understanding the DABS Products Page: After you search an item, please check the Status and Warehouse Qty columns. If the status is listed as General Distribution or Limited Distribution AND if the Warehouse Qty is a positive number, we will be able to order your item. If the status is Special Order, we can still order it but it may take a few months to arrive. Special Orders have to be received from out of state and in our experience have taken anywhere from three weeks to four months.

Quantity Directions: Please note that we can only order full cases of most items. Case quantities are as follows: 12 bottles of wine per case, 24 cans of beer per case, 6 or 12 bottles of other liquors per case. Exceptions: If you are ordering a product that we carry in the store, you can order any quantity of bottles that you want. Additionally, we are able to get some products in smaller quantities BUT ONLY IF we have a full two weeks notice AND if the product is in stock in State Store 33. The way to check this is to look up the item on the DABS products page, then click it. Scroll down to see if the item is available in State Store 33. If it is available, we can order the product in small quantities. Again, we need to know about these orders about two weeks before a delivery date in order to receive them on the next truck. 

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